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I did it. 

I survived.

I took an 8 hour road trip from Mississippi to my hometown in Northwest Florida SOLO with both kiddos. I deserve some sort of medal. 

There were lots of sweet people lifting me up in prayer as I headed down south last week. The trip there was quite pleasant. I was throwing special treats back to the backseat for my 2 year old to play with every few hours ( stickers, new books, etc.) We have chosen to be technology free on road trips at this stage for our kids and he actually is a champ at road trips. Baby girl did fairly well too. I had to reach back and pop that pacifier in quite a few times, but I can't complain. 

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We made it though, not without random stops at gas station parking lots and rest areas for me to nurse baby girl and change both kiddo's diapers. #MomLife at it's finest! 

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My time with family was amazing. I just love them! I love for my kids to get to be with their grandparents. My sister and her family joined us for a few days too. What a treat!

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Scottish Festival in Panama City, FL

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What a great week!


I did manage to squeeze in a few workouts while I was at home. My mom graciously watched the kids so I could run on the beach one morning and I would get some weight training sessions in during nap time.

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Yes, this was my life growing up. I didn't know how good I had it!

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Using some of my dad's weights for a workout.

My run was the first in several weeks. I didn't have Zumba last week so I ran knowing I'd be teaching Zumba this week and didn't want to huff and puff the entire class.I cannot find the motivation to run. I LOVE Zumba (duh!) and it is so much more fun than running. I burn more calories too with Zumba because my heart rate isn't staying steady. I enjoy "races" so that is typically why I run and I have yet to sign up for any races this year. I need some motivation, people!

I did teach Zumba this morning and it was so fun! I just love it. Did I mention I love Zumba? 

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While visiting my family one of my mom's co-workers introduced me to essential oils. I knew a teeny bit about them, but the information she has passed on has been phenomenal and I am super excited to learn more. 

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You all know how I am into eating clean(ish) and trying to be chemical free. I am not a crunchy mama though. I repeat. I am not a crunchy mama. I do this in moderation so when you see me chow down on a cheeseburger one day don't judge!

I had no idea all of the ways that essential oils can be used and of course I was skeptical at first. 

 Baby girl had a yucky, crusty eye so I was given a sample of lavender to dilute in coconut oil and applied it to the bottom of her feet and the bridge of her nose. I did this for about 2 days and it cleared it right up. 

She has had a chronic stuffy nose for weeks so yesterday I started using the oil thieves diluted in coconut oil. I apply it to the bottoms of her feet and down her spine. Hoping this clears it up. If it does, I think I'll be sold on essential oils. 


I've been reading one piece of "The Valley of Vision" each day as a part of my devotion life. It has been incredibly refreshing for my heart and really leads me to worship. 

Source: Amazon

 The writing is very old so there are lots of "thees" and "dost" type words, but I change them to "you" and "do" (etc.) as I read and that helps me out. It is evident that the author(s) of these prayers and devotions really knew and loved the Lord. Their words and phrasing really grip my heart and as I flip through page after page I just keep being led to praise and worship. I hope it leads you to do the same.

 This is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy listening and reading! 

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