Posted by : RunnerBecky Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's get personal for a moment, shall we?

My sports bras stink! They stink well before I even workout.

When I think about the number of miles I have run in them, the group exercise classes I have taught and partaken of, etc., it shouldn't surprise me. 

These babies have dealt with a lot of sweat.

A good sports bra can be pricey, which is why I have had my 4 Nike sports bras for 7 years. Crazy! They are still in great shape they just wreak of sweat. 

I decided to try and see how to get them smelling so fresh and so clean, clean again.

Here is what I did:

First of all, the quicker you can wash your workout clothes post workout the better. I am the WORST at this, which is probably why they are saturated with sweat. 

I took my sports bras and soaked them in 1 part vinegar to 4 parts warm water for 30 minutes.

Next, I placed them in the washing machine in hot water for a regular washing cycle (or the hottest water  that will still be safe for your particular articles of clothing.)

I added 1/2 part baking soda to 1/2 part detergent. Make sure your detergent doesn't have bleach!

Let those wash and then dry them in the dryer on the hottest heat (again that would be safe) or you can line dry them in the awesome spring sun to kill the odor and bacteria.

Let me just say... THIS WORKS!

I know you can't smell over the internet (I'm sure that will be possible ONE day), but my sports bras smell as good as new! 

Give it a try for yourself.

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