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I got this awesome new juicer for Christmas from my in-laws and I have been ready to put it to the test. I am only 3 weeks (almost) postpartum and am getting the itch to start working out again. I won't "medically" be cleared to do so for 3 more weeks but I am slowly trying to get there. My diet has been poor and nursing makes me want to eat everything in sight, especially if it contains carbs. Did someone say doughnuts? 

I NEED to start eating better if I am going to lose this baby weight so I hit the grocery store today and stocked up on some yummy "clean" meals and snacks for the week, as well as a ton of produce for some juicing recipes. I am pumped to try them out! 

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I can be a picky eater and easily get burned out on healthy food because I tend to eat the same choices over and over again. I figured I would give juicing a try to ensure I am getting enough fruits and veggies. My husband and toddler (and sweet baby girl since I am nursing) will hopefully benefit from this as well although they both eat more produce than I do. #MomFail

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The first recipe I'm trying is called "Kale Yeah." 

What you'll need:

2 heaping bunches of Kale

2 green apples

2 pears

1 lime

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My first time with the juicer went great!

I had to cut the fruit in half in order for it to fit through the feeder of the juicer but all of it juiced perfectly. I am putting it in the fridge to chill and will test it out in the morning. My husband took a sip and said it was great, that the lime really gave it a kick!

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The juicer is quite loud and I know my son will be terrified of it :) I think I'll start juicing my juices for the week all at once and store them in the refrigerator to keep cold. That way the work for the week is done and we can just enjoy multiple different recipes. 

Give the recipe a try and let me know what you think!

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