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"Motherhood is hard work. It is repetitive and often times menial. Accept it. Rejoice in it. ---Rejoice in your children. Look them in the eyes and give thanks. You will not even remember the work of all this planting when the harvest of joy overwhelms you."

Rachel Jankovic
"Loving the Little Years"

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I've read this book twice now and definitely recommend it.

How sweet these words have been for my heart this week and what a great reminder of the noble work of raising children. 

My days look like this:

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Meal planning on the bathroom floor while my toddler enjoys a bath

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Never ending loads of laundry and linens

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Letting him play with the water hose when when I know a mess will follow

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I do get a few quiet moments here and there to refuel. So thankful that His word is indeed " living and active"!

The days of a stay at home mom can be long and tiresome, lonely and mundane, but remembering that I am raising the next generation of evangelists and theologians brings me great hope. I am trusting the Lord COMPLETELY to shape my children, to shepherd their hearts, but the process can be taxing. God is using me to do this. He is allowing me to shepherd his little sheep. I am so ill-equipped but I cannot think of a more worthy calling. I am leaning on Him, resting in Him, and remembering the fruit that I am praying, begging, trusting He'll produce in my children. That makes the days when it is 2 PM and I am sitting down to eat lunch in my pajamas well worth it!


I'm not a coffee drinker, but I have found a new love of Green Tea! 

The weather has been crazy lately and these cold days allow me to enjoy a hot cup of tea, even if the hustle and bustle of my day means I have to reheat it a few times. 

The health benefits of Green Tea are out of this world. Who knew? That is also motivation for me to sip and enjoy!

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Here are just a few of the benefits of Green Tea:
- improves blood flow

- decreases cholesterol 

- helps block the formation of plaque that is linked to Alzheimer's Disease

- increases and changes your metabolism, speeding up weight loss 

-may help destroy cancer cells

- an amino acid (Theanine) found in Green Tea helps reduce stress


Another healthy choice our family has made is to try to be as chemical free as possible. I try to use natural cleaning products, mainly for the safety of my children, but I also try to keep chemicals from our diet. I'm not hardcore about this by any means, but I believe it is best for our family and I work hard to make this possible.

In the South, a lot of recipes we use call for Cream of Chicken/Mushroom Soup and I just cringe! I mean, seriously, look at the label:

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I can't pronounce half of those ingredients!

So many chemicals! 

I found a recipe on Pinterest that allows you to make your own cream of "whatever" soups. It is a better choice for sure so when I whipped up a chicken pot pie last week I decided to try it out.

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It turned out fairly well and the meal was just as delicious as it would have been with otherwise. 

The only ingredients I used were flour, butter, milk, and chicken broth, with a little cut up chicken added too.

Here is the recipe I followed to do so: RECIPE.


Baby Girl is already 2 months old!

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Dressed and ready for church!

I cannot believe how quickly time flies by with your 2nd child. She is still just the best baby. She is eating well and starting to sleep 8 hour stretches at night. I've followed Babywise with both of my kiddos and so far they are both excellent sleepers and happy babies! 

Praise the Lord! Mama is thankful for some much needed rest. 

She had her two month appointment today and is in the 97% for weight and off the charts for her weight! What a big girl! :) 

She has the best disposition and is no trouble at all. She is happy and content! Her big brother just can't get enough of her either. 

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Early  morning kisses and cuddling. Melts my heart!


I'm heading to FLORIDA this week to visit my family! 

Yay for (hopefully) sunshine!

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