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Today I decided to welcome fall into our home.

I took little man out to play this morning because it was cloudy and the air was crisp. Leaves were falling. I had the Downton Abbey soundtrack playing and was reading my devotional while he played. 

I love fall! 

Yesterday I baked this incredible Nutella, peanut butter, banana bread. It was my first time and it turned out PERFECT!

You can check out the recipe HERE!

I found a free printable on Pinterest for this fall banner and decided to begin getting my fall mantle going.

I tried to snap this picture without my reflection. Oh well.

Our mom group from church met last night and made fall wreathes together. I love crafty people and I am crazy about my new wreath! 

I am hoping to add our initial to the wreath for the finishing touch. 

We can officially welcome the FIRST DAY OF FALL this weekend, but as for our house, fall as already arrived. 


On a pregnancy note, here is an update:

I am 25 weeks and 5 days!

This was me at 25 weeks with my first pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 25 weeks and 5 days
Size of baby:  Baby girl is the size of a rutabaga.
Total Weight Gain:  18 lbs. so far
Gender: We're having a GIRL!
Movement: Sweet girl is very active. She moves quite a bit. I feel her at bedtime and after meals especially.
Sleep: Sleep is beginning to get more difficult. My frequent trips to the bathroom several times a night are a reminder of the long nights ahead once baby arrives. I am trying to take advantage of sleep right now and sometimes I get to squeeze in a nap while little man takes his afternoon nap. A rested mama is a happy mama!
What I miss: My stomach muscles. You don't realize how important your core is. I feel so off balance at Zumba. It is hard to bend over. Carrying M is getting almost impossible ( he is over 30 lbs. and I've gained almost 20... too much extra baggage!) I miss just feeling 100%. I still get sick off an on and know I won't feel like myself again fully until baby girl makes her arrival. 
Cravings: Mike and Ike's. Yes, candy, and after 4 days of craving them I finally gave in. I also want Bonkers. Anyone remember those candies? Yeah, they don't make them anymore. I would do anything for Tijuana Flats too. It was a MUST for us in Central FL. We miss it! Too bad I am at least 6 hours from the closest one.
Symptoms: Mood swings (thanks, hormones), nausea on and off through the day, fatigue, feet killing me, back starting to hurt. I feel more like 35 weeks pregnant instead of 25! 
On My To-Do List:  
I am realizing I have a TON to do!
- organize nursery. I have all I need thanks to hand me downs (bedding and what not). I just need to get it all together.
- get clothes washed (thankful for hand me downs from my nieces!)
- furniture! Agh! Big boy still camps out in the crib and will until we have to transition him to a big boy bed for baby girl to use the crib. I need to find/borrow a bassinet for MG and she'll be in our room for a while once she first arrives. I need chest of drawers for M's room so the baby furniture can be moved upstairs.
- meals. I have never done freezer meals but am planning to get our freezer stocked to make this transition to 2 little ones a bit easier.
  I am still plugging away at Zumba. I laugh at myself sometimes. I just can't move like I used to but I am trying. I am hoping if nothing else it makes labor a little less exhausting and that I'll get back in to shape a lot quicker than last time. Not exercising for 6 months took some time to bounce back from.

I am going 3 days a week and usually burn at least 500 calories. I am wiped out after class but it is a treat for me to get out and about and move for a bit.

I am running out of exercise clothes that cover my belly. I don't want to wear huge t-shirts so I'm in the market to find some cheap tank tops and just buy larger sizes to help get me through a few more weeks of exercising.

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