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In a previous life I worked in an office cubicle in New York City for a world renowned fitness magazine. I wore super cute business attire, sipped lattes, ate fancy salads, went to Soul Cycle spinning classes after work, and enjoyed living the lap of luxury in my studio apartment.

I thought this was what I wanted when I was a teenager and even a few years into college. I thought I wanted a career. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with having a career. My mom worked full-time (several jobs at once sometimes) and was a SUPER MOM! She is the best. For me, I slowly felt in my heart that I wanted to be home once I had children and that desire has stuck with me.

If you walked in my shoes for a day, you would be a full-time mommy of a 20 month old little boy. My days look almost identical in nature. Wash, rinse, repeat.

 And while I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world, I will say that it is a lot more humbling and challenging than I could have ever imagined.

Before I was a mom, I thought being a “stay-at-home” mom was a piece of cake. “They have it easy,” I thought. No "real" job or responsibilities, a clean house, freedom to do whatever whenever. I have had to learn the hard way never to judge someone in a particular situation until you have been there yourself. This is WAY harder than any job I have ever had.

True, I stay in my yoga pants and a t-shirt until it is absolutely imperative that I leave the house for a designated errand (believe me, we must REALLY need that gallon of milk or carton of eggs). 

What I didn't realize is how lonely the life of a full-time mommy can be. How humbling. How exhausting. With a little one running around it can be hard for me to get out of the house. I am home... A LOT. I don't get much (if any!) adult interaction throughout my day and by  the time my hubs gets home from work I am ready to talk his ear off and head to the gym to BE WITH PEOPLE. 

I don't get a lunch break. I eat standing up often. I don't get to go to the bathroom in peace. Little man loves to follow me wherever I go. I am constantly on duty. Until nap time, that glorious nap time, I am full speed ahead. 

I am thankful, beyond thankful, to be a full-time mommy to my sweet boy. It is so hard at times. No one tells you how awesome you are. You don't get a promotion or a pay raise. I am not thanked or appreciated, but my job is valuable. My job has incredible value because I am, by the grace of God, raising up a godly young man. He is in training and I am able to be with him throughout the day to love him, correct him, serve him, encourage him. 

I get one chance. One. I can't redo this whole mom thing. That scares me a bit, but I know Who is in control and I trust that He is working through me even in my weaknesses to bring forth fruit in my life and the life of my son. While my thoughts for this entry are incredibly scattered, I just want you to know that if you have a full-time career or being a mommy is your career, what you are doing in valuable. Being a mom is challenging! It brings me to my knees in prayer many, many days, but it fills my heart with more joy than I ever thought possible too.

You, mommy, are valuable.

You many not hear that until your kids are grown and realize the sacrifices you have made on their behalf. I know I most certainly have praised my mom up and down since being a mom myself because I realize what she endured and how she constantly sacrificed for our family.

We are making eternal investments! 

Be thankful!

God is good.

So here is my day, Thursday, in a nutshell. 

***When I decided to do a post on a day in the life of a stay at home mom, I thought it would capture how mundane life can be. How I do the same things day in and day out, which is true, but what I didn't realize is taking pictures throughout my day and recapping what happened would bring my heart immense joy.

Good morning!

Little man woke up yelling "Mama!" around 7:30AM and so my day begins.

He had eggs, toast, an apple, and milk for breakfast.

And while he ate, I unloaded the dishwasher. 

We read lots of books in our house and today was no different. Right after breakfast he requested to "Ree" as he says. 

After several books, we got dressed for the day and headed outside (9AM).

I am nearly 24 weeks pregnant so we have to go out early to beat the heat.

He requested water from the hose for his watering can.

And then he requested the hose.

Of course, I had just dressed him so I wasn't keen on the whole idea of him getting wet. This isn't my first rodeo, ya know.

But, just as I had suspected, he drenched himself with water.

And an hour of playing in the water hose began.

Followed by a Popsicle. 

And then  it was time to go inside. Temper tantrum anyone?

He was filthy and so a bath was in order. He was still upset with me for bringing him inside. 

His wet clothes went in the washing machine and we curled up in dad's recliner to read more books. He loves books about Easter and Christmas.

We had an early lunch today. A sandwich, cantaloupe, and green beans with some water.

After lunch he entertained himself in his room while I put laundry away. 

And DADDY came home for lunch, which is always a highlight for both me and little man.

What I didn't get to document is little man snacking on some of dad's lunch and puking on dad. 

Yes, that happened. 

Here is a little playtime in the kitchen. I let him play and learn, but there is always, I mean always a mess.

It is time for our afternoon nap. 

Daddy reads a quick story before nap.

A Sesame Street book about Christmas, no doubt.

 We have quite the thumb sucker on our hands.

I read this book at least 10 times today and he wanted to nap with it.

Why not?

During his nap I was able to get some reading done. Typically I clean, cook supper, pay bills, eat my own lunch, etc. Since being pregnant I am thankful for this time. Sometimes it is my first chance really sitting down.

A few hours later he was ready to get up and go again!

Stringed cheese and a few animal crackers was on the snack menu today.

The mess wasn't too bad in his room today. 

And FINALLY 4:15 rolls around and it is ZUMBA time for me!

My first time out of the house (besides water hose fun in the yard).

We had supper after Zumba, put little man in his pajamas, and had Family Worship.

He loves to sing!

He is exhausted by his 7PM bedtime. I am too! :)

I look back on today with a thankful heart.

My heart is just bursting.

There was no exciting event that took place. I didn't perform open heart surgery, save anyone's life, or ace a presentation. What I did today was incredibly meaningful, more than I really realize at this point.

I know that tomorrow won't look much different than today. There will be lots of feeding, changing, disciplining, playing. It will leave me exhausted and drive me to my Father for strength, but there isn't anything much greater than this precious time with my sweet boy.

I am thankful. Humbled. Honored to get to love and serve him this way.

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  1. Loved this post Becky! I blog too! We are both pregnant bloggers lol. Here is a blog explaining why I am keeping my unborn baby's name a surprise until birth.


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