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I have been a certified Zumba Fitness instructor for nearly 3 years. I can't say enough about it and I can't get enough of it. I enjoy most forms of exercise, mainly cardio, but I'll gladly challenge myself with Boot Camp/Insanity type workout regimes from time to time. NOTHING is more fun than Zumba. Nothing!

I feel like an advocate for Zumba Fitness. I am always telling people to come try it, trying to convince them to look past the awkwardness of your very first class and realize that hard work and having fun will pay off. I want people to enjoy exercise like I do and I REALLY believe Zumba Fitness is the avenue to take.

Common misconceptions/ excuses that keep people from trying a class:

1) "I'm not a dancer."

I hear this all of the time. I realize how intimidating any type of exercise is to a newbie, especially if exercising hasn't been your thing. I will admit that it does take SEVERAL classes for a new student to become familiar and comfortable with the Zumba style and moves. You have to give it a try. Give it a few weeks. Stick with it. You won't be upset with the results.

2) "It is TOO hard."

As an instructor, your workout is my workout too and I'm not here to lolly gag. I want to burn as many calories as possible in the hour we are together. I want it to be challenging. Challenging is how your body will change. JUST KNOW: You can ALWAYS work at your own pace. You don't have to reciprocate my intensity or the intensity of your instructor right away. It is your workout. You know your capabilities. If you stick with Zumba you'll be surprised at how quickly you will increase your endurance.

3) "I will embarrass myself."

You will laugh at yourself your very first class. Once your hips start shaking and you are pumping your abs you are going to think you have lost your mind. Everyone is like that with their first class! Before you know if you'll own that group exercise room and  forget you are at a gym and think you are at a club :) We all let loose because, quite frankly, we are so focused on our own moves that we don't have time to watch you and make sure you are doing them right. THERE IS  NO WRONG IN ZUMBA, that is, unless you aren't even trying. Do your best. Keep moving. Your Zumba class will become a small circle of friends and we are all there to support and encourage one another.

So why should you try a class?

What can I say to convince you to look past the misconceptions and give it a try?

1) You will burn a TON of calories

You COULD walk on the treadmill for an hour. You'll probably burn less than 300 calories. OR, in that same amount of time you could LOSE track of time because you are having a blast and burn over 600 calories!! Time is money. Make the most of your workout.

2) It is FUN!

Very rarely do I look at the clock during a class and wonder how much longer. There are days where the class is super tough and I need to know how much time until we are done, but usually I am having so much fun I just keep plugging away. The music is INCREDIBLE! The moves are repetitive so routines are easy to learn. The environment is like none other.

3) You WILL see results

You will lose weight if you stick with Zumba and making better eating choices. You will notice your arms and shoulders tone and shape up. Your legs will get stronger. Your core will strengthen  You will be in better cardiovascular shape. It is going to happen, not overnight, but it will happen if you work hard and stick with it.

Here is a fun Zumba Fitness song for you to check it!

Have I convinced you to try a class?

You won't be disappointed!!

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