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A few years ago when we had Netflix, I stumbled across an inspiring documentary called "Spirit of the Marathon."

It took you through the training of several different runners, some training for their very first marathon and others who were seasoned marathon runners. They trained for and completed The Chicago Marathon and boy did it encourage me to run!

I received an e-mail this week from a PR rep for NCM Fathom Events, who is hosting a 700 city viewing of Spirit of the Marathon 2.

The documentary opens Wednesday, June 12th. 

Here is the official trailer:

This time the participants are training for the Rome Marathon. Could you imagine running through such a historical city? Click here to meet the runners  you'll be following in this film.

I am eager to hear the story of this runner from Rwanda, one of the few Olympic athletes in her home country.


I'm also eager to hear about Julie Weiss, who lost her father to pancreatic cancer. She now runs a marathon a week as a fundraising effort to raise 1 million dollars for cancer research. 

Julie Weiss – Veteran Marathoner – At the Rome Marathon, Julie began a quest to run a marathon a week for a year to honor the memory of her father on an emotional journey to spread awareness and raise money for pancreatic cancer - the devastating disease that claimed his life

You don't want to miss this incredible event!!

If there is a theater hosting this film in your area, pop on over, and check it out. Part of the ticket proceeds will go to support those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Has anyone ever seen Spirit of the Marathon?

Did it inspire you like it did me?

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  1. I did see Spirit of the Marathon on Hulu. It was really inspiring :)

  2. I read your blog Saturday morning and then watched Spirit of the Marathon that night! Great documentary! Thanks for recommending! Definitely encourages me to go and run... being 18 weeks pregnant holds me back a bit, but I am still trying to stay active! :)

  3. I couldn't sleep Saturday night so I watched it again too. Loved it! Congrats, Jillian. I am 12 weeks tomorrow and get winded so easily when prego. Working out was a challenge the first time around and has been this time too.


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