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Before our little guy was born I decided I would do the best that I could to make sure he is a healthy eater. 

Blueberry mess!

I was thankful to be able to breastfeed during the first year of little man's life and tried to eat healthy most of the time to make sure our little guy was getting the best possible nutrition. 

I also wanted to try and make my own baby food for him to expose him to foods that typically don't come as jarred baby food. I used this wholesome baby food website and it was so incredibly helpful. There are great food charts based on your baby's age that you can follow and keep up to the foods he/she is allowed to have at that age. This was great for me as a first time mom!

I realize the thought of making your own baby food can be overwhelming, but it really didn't take a lot of time. I would take an hour or so and could do a months worth of baby food. 

The first thing I would do it buy all of the fruits and veggies that our little guy could eat at his particular age. Fresh produce is the best!

I have a mini food processor that would puree all of my fruits and veggies, and then I would freeze them in ice cube trays covered with plastic wrap. The wholesome baby food website gives instructions on all of the foods that need to first be cooked. I was clueless so this was definitely a big help.

Once they were frozen, I transferred them into freezer bags and labeled them with the date and contents. 


I would defrost a few cubes for meal time after I nursed and feed our sweet boy. So far, there isn't anything he won't eat. 

We try to stay away from lots of "kid foods" like crackers, kids meals, mac and cheese, juice, etc. We aren't perfect over here by any means :) We are taking small steps to be healthy and I think that is what is important. 

Give your kids lots of whole grains, fruits, and veggies! 

Does anyone have any yummy toddler recipes to share? I am always looking for yummy meals and snacks for our little guy!

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