Posted by : RunnerBecky Monday, March 18, 2013

This weekend we traveled to North Alabama for my nephew's 1st birthday party. So fun! :)

Mexican for dinner!

While we were "in the city" I was able to hit up Publix, my very favorite grocery store of all time. Do you ever get that feeling that you just need to buy SOMETHING when you are in a certain store? Well, in this case, I did. I hadn't been to Publix in MONTHS and just needed to buy some things.

Publix has the BEST orange slices (candy) and I capitalized on that for sure! I also got little man some Snapea Crisps for a snack (I haven't seen those at any of our local grocery stores), some Agave Nectar (natural sweetener PERFECT for smoothies!), and some Luna bars. I can get those at Walmart but the Chocolate Coconut flavor kept staring me down. I also love the Peppermint Stick ones!

Publix shopping carts are AMAZING! 

I enjoyed going up and down the aisles and was so tempted to snag something from their fabulous bakery but resisted. 

Since we live an hour and a half from big malls and stores, I needed to make a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods for a few running things. I got some Body Glide, nice, for chaffing. My tank top rubs against my arms when I run so this prevents that from happening. I also got some Sports Beans, which are from the makers of Jelly Belly jellybeans. 

I have tried lots of different refueling options for my longer runs but everything (other than these Sports Beans) have been heavy on my stomach: 


My next favorite. The cherry flavor is great and I've heard they have Margarita flavored ones. Yes, please!

I have also heard Swedish Fish do the trick too! I am on board!


I am no doctor, but I have read/heard/researched and what has been suggested is refueling for runs over 1 hour long. You body is just torching calories and you are losing much needed fuel/ electrolytes. It is important to replenish so your body has some fuel to allow you to finish your race/workout.

In the past, I have only taken a Gu/Chomp/Sports Beans once during a half marathon. Usually around mile 8 I will need to refuel. I also try and drink Gatorade or Powerade if it is offered at a few of the water stations. 
How to refuel and what to use to do so is a personal preference. Test out a few different options as you train to see which works best for you!

All of the options listed above can be purchased at a local running or sporting goods store. 

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