Posted by : RunnerBecky Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two 5K races in 3 days. Oh buddy is my body feeling it. 

I had race jitters all day yesterday anticipating the long awaited GLO 4 Haiti 5K which began at 8PM. I was ready to run and hoping for a PR. I have been working very hard on my speed work so I knew this race would be the test.

I taught a Zumba Fitness class at 4:15 PM yesterday and I went easy on them and me. 4 of us in the class were running the race just a short time after class so I didn't want us to be so exhausted we couldn't run. 

So proud of them for coming to class knowing they were running a 5K afterwards! 

We got there in time for some awesome door prizes! I won 2! Whoop whoop!

So excited for some pampering with my Natural Life body lotion and soaps and 2 free lunches at McAlister's. Awesome prizes.

The race was INCREDIBLY organized. The facebook page and twitter feed were constantly being updated with details pertaining to the event. I appreciate details. I love to be in the know and was so thankful for a very organized race.

The race was at night and I didn't take any pictures. I know a few people in our group did so I will add them to this post as I see them. 

We all wore bright colors and had glow gear. I had a necklace but tossed it a minute into the race. It kept bouncing around my neck and was a huge distraction. It was COLD! My ears were covered and I had gloves on. It is almost April. What is up with this weather?

The race course was 3 laps around research park. It was a nice lap and I liked going in circles because I knew how much farther I would have to go. I played the same 2 Zumba songs on my playlist that had me at a great pace. 

My first lap was around 8:15. I was hoping for a PR and to be in the 24 minute range. This race didn't have shoe timers or anything so I used my watch and they had a big clock that was on display that started when the first person took off from the starting line. I was in the front group at the start.

I love how people always fly past you at the start and you just know you are going to eventually pass them. Pace yourselves, kids.

So, I was feeling pretty good the first two laps. The third lap I had a lady come up behind me out of no where and it looked like she was going to pass me. I just made it my goal NOT to let her pass me. I was going to push as hard as I could and finish strong. She would be right on my tail but I wouldn't let her around. A few times I sped up thinking I would lose her but she stuck with me. So thankful for my competitive drive! I won't back down. 

I passed the start line and knew I have .1 miles to go! I gave it all I had! Huge sprints! Quads burning! Lungs burning because it was FREEZING! 

Did I get a PR?


My time according to my watch was 22:34/ 7:15 pace.


After 1 hour of Zumba and an already challenging goal of 24 minutes I couldn't believe my time. It was a great run! I felt good the entire time. I was tired but my heart rate came back to normal quickly after I crossed the finish line and I was back to my normal self soon. 

I was told I finished in the TOP 5 which is just crazy for me to hear. I am really surprising myself lately and having fun in the process. 

An unlimited amount of pizza was at the post race party and I indulged in a few slices. Delish! 

It was a great event for a great cause with a great group of people!

So thankful for fun running events to keep me motivated!

I am toying with the idea of running The Biggest Loser Half Marathon next weekend. Am I crazy???

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