Posted by : RunnerBecky Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An injury. Yes, an injury. After researching and talking through it with the hubby, I am pretty sure we've diagnosed it as turf toe. Strange huh? This is more of a common injury for football players who play on a turf surface. In my case,  I have been teaching 5 Zumba classes a week, some of which are in a group exercise room that has carpet flooring. I am assuming my right toe is taking a beating because of the jarring of my feet on the carpet. No fun.

I have "tried" to rest and ice as much as possible, but with teaching Zumba, training for a race, and running around with a 10 month old little one that can be quite a challenge or impossible in my case. I ran 7 miles on the treadmill on Friday morning and promised my husband I'd rest until my Monday afternoon Zumba classes.I am ravenous after my run! I could literally eat anything and everything you put in front of me, but I disciplined myself and had a great recovery breakfast.

The weekend rest really helped my toe, but the strain from teaching and only one 3 mile run this week has it back to being incredibly painful.

Has anyone else ever experience turf toe before?

My fear is that I am going to have to be sidelined from running for a while, which means no race in March :( I am hoping this isn't the case and have an 8K Turkey Trot  this weekend. I might have to take a few weeks off of running after that (sniff, sniff) until my toe can heal properly. I'll keep you posted!

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