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I will be the first to tell you running is probably my least favorite way to work out. It is hard, time consuming, and can be very boring. What I love about running is that it doesn't require any skill. Anyone can run! If you are willing to put forth the effort and, many times, start from scratch, you can become a runner. Last year was huge for me in the running world. I completed my first ever half marathon and it was an absolutely phenomenal feeling. I was on top of the world! I was so proud of myself for the accomplishment and the training was a rush. I have been trying to get Roy on board with running and think I have talked him into the most sought after rush in the running world: a marathon. Some days when I go for a run I think," I am crazy! There is no way we can run 26.2miles and live to tell about it." I want to do this, though. I am at a time in my life where I have the opportunity to train year round (weather in Orlando is PERFECT!) and the Disney Marathon is right in my backyard. Who knows how long we'll live in the most ideal place for running. I want to take advantage of this opportunity and want to be faithful to blog all along the way.

We are on WEEK 3 of our training. We basically started from scratch although Roy and I are already in "decent"running shape. We try to have 2 fairly easy runs during the week and a long run on Saturday mornings. So far so good. We are taking it easy, easing into this marathon world.

Disney Marathon 2012 here we come!

A few pics from the Reindeer Run 5K I talked Roy into back in December.

We ran 3.1 miles through Sea World and with weather in the 50s and overcast, it was ideal!

He is such a good husband!

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