Posted by : RunnerBecky Sunday, May 30, 2010

The time has come. I have been desperate for some new running shoes even before I ran my first half marathon in March. I was weary to get new shoes a few months before the race because I had worn my old shoes in so well, even though they were a half size too big and made me feel like I was running barefoot on the pavement. They weren't the best shoes in the world, but I had developed a pretty serious love/hate relationship with them. I put up with them during my training and for the 13.1 mile trek at Disney, but enough it enough. I finally got a new pair of Asics yesterday from the Track Shack. The staff at the Track Shack is phenomenal. They watched me run and walk to learn how my arches work on my feet, which part of my feet hit first to know what part of my foot needs the most support. I tried on some Nikes and Brooks, but I just really love Asics, and this pair for sure.

They give me incredibly support at the arch of my foot where my feet tend to be a bit narrow, and also on my heels. I ran around the store in them and WOW! I didn't want to take them off. Mom contributed some money to my shoe fund, as well and my in-laws for my birthday, so thanks to them I was able to buy a new pair of shoes. I am eager to get back to training even though the 90 degree humid weather in Florida this time of year is not the most fun to train in, even early in the morning. After my half marathon in March I vowed I would never run again. Wow was it tough! But, nonetheless, I know myself and my competitive edge, especially with an individual sport such as running. I love putting my body to the test and giving myself something to motivate myself for.

I am excited to say that I am running a new race in December. Sometimes I think to myself, " I am crazy for doing this again!" and other times I look back at the end result and realize how awesome it feels to accomplish something like this. I am hoping to at least log a 5K and 15K before the race to help me stay motivated, but we'll have to see.
Right now I just need to psych myself back up for running again!

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