Posted by : RunnerBecky Saturday, January 23, 2010

Training is going awesome!! The past month has been an incredible milestone for me. Over the Christmas break I was still training with a 3 minute run 2 minute walk to recover plan. I ran/ walked 6.6 miles over the break and was stoked that I could do that. Since Christmas break I have been stepping up my running quite a bit. I have two runs throughout the week (usually 3 to 5 miles) and have a long run on Saturday mornings around Lake Baldwin with my friend Lianne. She is also training for the race and has been the BEST training partner. Well, last week I reached a 5.2 mile mark (no stopping!) and I was stoked. That was the first time I had ever run that far without stopping and I was on cloud nine. So this morning, Lianne and I went for our 8AM run and I ran 8 MILES without stopping in 1 hr. and 26 minutes. I am still in shock when I see "8 miles" because I never would have dreamed that I could become a runner, but I have. The Disney Princess Half-Marathon is in about 6 weeks and I am more thrilled than ever. Today was a huge boost of running confidence and I really think I will make it through the half-marathon. I am thrilled! I have finally gotten to the point where I love to run. Sure, it gets tough during the run and I am sore beyond belief afterwards, but each run makes me more and more excited about the next. I am doing something I never dreamed I would be able to do and that is an awesome feeling!

This is part of the 2.6 mile loop around Lake Baldwin. It is a beautiful lake and there are always tons of people running, walking, riding bikes, walking their dog, and pushing their kids in strollers. It's been an awesome spot for our long runs.

This Fuel Belt was a lifesaver during my run today. I am borrowing it from a friend. It hold 4 different 8 oz bottles of water. It definitely came in handy!

Here is the half-marathon course. I get so excited! Miles 5 and 6 will be through the Magic Kingdom. Piece of cake! I'll be so thrilled that I'm at Disney I'll forget I'm exhausted.

I'll keep you guys posted!!

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  1. Hey! You were near our house. I'm glad to hear that your training is going so well!


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