Posted by : RunnerBecky Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am sick


In the past 8 months I have been hit with the stomach bug twice and had the stomach flu. It seems like we pick up whatever is going around and let me tell you, this is no fun.

Little man woke up yesterday and had thrown up in his crib. (TMI?) Sorry, but he had. That was just the most pitiful thing. He spent the day acting like his healthy, normal self in spite of the rocky start. My husband had been complaining of feeling sick to his stomach and yesterday afternoon it hit me too!

This is just pitiful, right? My little guy is the best little cuddle bug!

And I didn't leave the couch unless absolutely necessary: a fire, robber, natural disaster, etc.

I kid.

I did just do the minimum. Hard with both parents are down for the count. We would take turns tending to little man.

He didn't mind enjoying Mama's mega Powerade slush from Sonic. He just likes carrying the cup around the house. It is half the size of him!

And to keep him still on the couch I let him play with the camera a bit. He loved it and now there is sticky crustiness all over my camera :) 

It was a rough night around here and a rough morning when this whole process decided to start over again: 

kid pukes, strip down the bed, wash everything, wipe vomit off the wall (true story!), put kid in bath, wash, rinse, repeat.

Thankfully you can't get the stomach bug via the internet so our germs will stay over here for now and hopefully we won't spread them to anyone else. :) 

Sorry if this post was a little more than you wanted to know. Life with this little one can be messy sometimes  all of the time. 

I am just longing to get us all healthy and for us to stay healthy! I guess since I am an amateur at this whole mom thing I am still trying to figure this out. I know sickness comes with the territory for sure.

Any suggestions on how to boost our little immune systems?

I seriously had the thought of buying a juicer and just pumping us full of vitamins and nutrients. I am desperate over here!

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