Posted by : RunnerBecky Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Workouts:

Saturday:    7 miles on TM    1.0 incline   1:04:22

Sunday:      3 miles on TM    1.5 incline   28:30
                 Lower body strength training

I love reading Fitness Magazine and they often show a yummy meal or dessert, its calorie content, and what you would have to do to burn it off. These days, Girl Scout cookies are my enemy. They are beyond delicious and beyond terrible for you. Once a year I cannot contain myself from indulging in them, especially since my mother bought us 6 boxes. Thanks, Mom.

Only 4.5 boxes remain, hidden deep in the pantry. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Samoas are my FAVORITE by far.

2 Samoas = 150 calories
If only I would have eaten 2.

150 calories=

35 minutes of brisk walking
24 minutes of the elliptical machine
10 minutes at 8 mph of running

You ATE IT! 


Here is a better snack option that my little one gets to enjoy every now and then.

38 Veggie Straws = 130 calories

Veggie Straws are all natural and are made with potatoes, tomato, and spinach. They taste more like chips to me!

A better snack option than cookies for sure.

In other weekend news, our family enjoyed the most incredible spring weather on Saturday by painting furniture (thanks hubs!) and planting a few potted plants. We have Spring Fever! 

How was YOUR weekend??

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