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Happy Friday!

We typically kick off the weekend with French Toast Friday. It is just a fun little tradition we have.

He is doing sign language for MORE. Little man is ready to dig in!

Too much cuteness!

Getting ready to partake of French Toast Friday! French toast with yummy fruit! 
Another great start to the weekend is scoring two tickets to see this guy in Tuscaloosa next month. It will be my FORTH time seeing him.

My photo. I own this! Our tickets won't be front row like they were when I snapped this in 2006. Hello amazing!
Junior year in college road tripping with sorority sisters to see John Mayer! It was amazing!
We won't be front row, but the hubs and I will enjoy an awesome show. I saw him in Tallahassee in '03, Birmingham in '06, Tampa in '09, and NOW we'll be seeing him in Tuscaloosa. 

Onto the important things....

I have been thinking a lot about why I am writing this blog and who my target audience is. I am passionate about being healthy... realistically healthy. I don't mean marathons every weekend, vegan diet, no desserts EVER, size 2 healthy. Sometimes I think extremes can be UNHEALTHY or even our self-righteous attitudes about our extreme health choices.

My goal is to just encourage and support others who are desiring to make the same healthy choices of diet and exercise. For those of you that are NEW to the health and fitness world, welcome! It can be an overwhelming and intimidating world to be in.

 I don't believe in DIETS. They usually have an ending date and I think being healthy is a life long journey. I am no professional. I am not a nutritionist or doctor or personal trainer for that matter (although I will kick your butt and make you sweat to death in my Zumba classes!) I am your average Joe (Jill? Jane?) who taught herself about health and fitness through reading articles and magazines,with an occasional episode Dr. Oz (just a joke) :) I just want to bring others on board with me! It is a FUN world to be in!

Like I said, the health and fitness world is intimidating even to me! If you are new, where do you start? I think taking even one small step is huge!


The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is make a big glass of ice water and start chugging. I cannot get enough!

Now that is a tall drink of water!

If you don't drink water regularly already this is a great place to start. You would be surprised at the amount of calories you could save by switching to water.

Photo from Pepper Snapple Group

Q: How many calories does this product have?
A: 100 per 8 oz. serving size. Total calorie content in a particular package will vary based on package size.
8 oz. 100 calories
12 oz. can 150 calories
16.9 oz. bottle (two servings) 200 calories
20 oz. bottle (2.5 servings) 250 calories

If you replaced one 20 oz Dr. Pepper with water it would save you 250 calories! You would have to run 2.5 miles to burn that off. Just one soda! Crazy. Think of all the calories you would save if you just replaced your soda, tea, or juice with water.

How much water should you drink?

You have probably heard "8 eight ounce glasses per day" and you'd be right. It gets a little more technical though. A recent post in the Huffington Post suggest men drink 3 liters of water a day and women 2.2.

If you aren't prone to drinking water, I would suggest buying a cute little water bottle and keep it with you wherever you go. I don't go anywhere without water! I must be part camel or something. (Hence the Camelbak water bottle I used to tote.) I have gone through too many water bottles to count. I have dropped them or had my son drop them and they break. I need to replace mine soon.

I love Camelbak! I purchase one at Target and mine was purple like this one. They are BPA free so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals. ( Click here to learn about BPA!)

You can grab one for $15 at Target

You can add a little lemon juice to naturally flavor your water if you just have a hard time getting used to the taste. Focus on drinking one entire bottle a day and then gradually try to at least 64 ounces a day. We're are really going to be friends now.... if your pee is nice and clear, like watered down lemonade you are good to go!

Small steps!!!!! One healthy choice at a time!!!!!

Cut out your sodas and add water! If you drink 1 soda a day that is 1,750 calories per week. Instead of running 17.5 miles to burn of those sodas you could just cut out soda altogether. 3,500 calories = 1 pound.  Which is easier?

Enjoy your weekend!!

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