Posted by : RunnerBecky Friday, February 8, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I've done it! Woo hoo! Every time I decide on a race I beg and plead with my husband to train with me. Bless his heart, he hates letting me down but typically he says no. He just isn't into running. As a former college athlete, I think he has just been burned out on running... or fitness in general. He DID run a 5K with me at Sea World a few years ago. He was supposed to train with me so we signed up. I trained. He didn't. He ran the 5K cold turkey without stopping. He almost barfed while we were running past Shamu Stadium but, hey, he did it and I was and still am very proud and thankful.

My love! He didn't know what he had gotten himself into :) 
And don't forget about this summer when he ran the 4th of July 5K with me and posted a very impressive time. We trained for that race taking turns pushing the jogging stroller with little man 3 mornings a week. Training in Florida humidity even at 7AM is brutal. Thanks, dear! :) What a selfless man you are!

Sweating to death after the 5K and it was even overcast. Blast you, Florida humidity!

This time I've talked him into something more up his alley. The Crucible Challenge is coming to Starkville, MS in early April. A 4 mile run/obstacle course filled with blood, sweat, and testosterone. There will be mud, barbwire, and lots of men trying to prove their masculinity. Bring it on!

The Course Map
Part of the proceeds go to support a local, Christ-centered non-profit whose aim is orphan care and families who want to adopt. Praise God for the Reclaimed Project!

Roy has been running and training and I am one proud wife! I am super excited that for once I'll get to be a spectator while someone else pushes to the limit. Look for an early April post on the Crucible Challenge.

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