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If becoming a runner is on your list of New Years Resolutions, here are 10 ways to hit the ground running!

#1. Set a goal

Goal setting is key and the more specific you can be the easier it will be for you to follow through and accomplish what you are setting out to do. Your goal could be to run a mile or run for 30 minutes without stopping. Make it personal and specific!

#2. Sign up for a race

Browse online for a local 5K, sign up, and begin training! Having a race you are training for keeps you motivated and makes all of your training worth while. Check out the link below for local races in your area.

Find Local Races Here!

#3. Get some support

Find friends or family members who enjoy running or who are setting a similar goal. This will prove vital to your success as a runner if you aren't a self-motivator. It is important to have a support system or people cheering you on or training with you. You can use online resources like Daily Mile to log your training and have some accountability and encouragement!

#4. Get a running plan

Those who fail to plan plan to fail! This is so true. There are countless training plan options already set up for you to follow. Find the plan that works best for you, whether you are wanting a Couch to 5K plan or you are active already and just need a plan to follow like the  Hal Higdon or Jeff Galloway plans.

#5. Find the perfect running shoes

An awesome pair of running shoes makes a world of difference. Everyone's feet are different and there are shoes to meet every need. Running stores like Fleet Feet or a local store of the like can watch you walk and tell which type of support you may need. Good shoes are a great investment!

#6. Dress like a runner

So you've set a goal, have a training plan and some new kicks, now it is time to dress the part. Finding comfortable clothes to train in and for race day is important and is all up to your preference. I am amazed at the options out there for running whether you are a shorts and tank top type of person or capri and t-shirt. Who doesn't love an excuse to shop? Check out your local sporting goods or running stores like Dick's Sporting Goods , Sports Authority, or even TJ Maxx.

#7. Set up a training playlist 

If you are the type that depends on music to push you during your runs, it would be a great idea to set up an awesome playlist of music. Whatever will kick you into overdrive and give you a little pep in your step is what you need to fill you I-pod with. This is different for everyone. It is sometimes a good idea to strategically place upbeat and motivating songs in order on your playlist at times where you think you'll need some extra motivation.  Check out The Top 100 Running Songs of All Time for some ideas!

#8. Fuel properly for training and running

What you eat plays more of a role in your success in training than you realize. Eating a healthy diet is vital and will add to your success. Lay off the sugar, fast food, and sodas. Fuel up with veggies, fruit, and protein. For snacking and meal ideas check out The Best Foods for Runners.

#9. Stay encouraged

It can get difficult running day after day and sometimes you'll want to throw in the towel and give up. Know that each run and each passing day is getting you closer and closer to the goal you have set. Stay motivated by reading blogs (like this one!) or people just like you who are running for fun and to stay healthy. Browsing through their adventures will keep you excited about the race ahead. Who knows, maybe you'll start your own blog to document your adventure. Other blogs I enjoy: Mom Against the Marathon , Run, Eat, Date, Sleep , Marathon Mommies .

#10. Get up and RUN!

You have the tools you need to get started and now it is time to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING! Getting started can be the hardest part. Cut yourself some slack and ease into the running world. You'll get hooked once you start. So start running TODAY!

I'd love to hear your success stories!

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