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     As of Monday I'll be 6 weeks postpartum. I have to keep reminding myself that at this point most women who are 6 weeks pp haven't even started working out yet. I haven't been cleared by my doctor (will be on Monday) but since I was working out regularly and in good shape before I got pregnant and was even working out as much as I could ( and felt like) during my pregnancy, I have spent the last two weeks easing back into things and it feels GREAT to be exercising again.

     I have weight to lose for sure and I know that it took 9 months for me to put on this weight so it will take time to get it off. I am trying to be patient but am ready to wear more than yoga pants everyday. 

     With my first pregnancy all of the baby weight plus 10 more pounds were shed within 9 months pp. I didn't really have any goals. I didn't really diet. It just came off. This time, I am setting goals. Overall I know I want to start EATING CLEAN and PUTTING ON MUSCLE. I am also setting smaller goals each week. I set two goals this week: building up to a 1 mile run without stopping and burn 3,500 calories. I accomplished both goals!


My workouts this week looked something like this:


0.5 mile run ( first run since April '13)
Arm machines x2 sets

433 calories burned


60 minutes of Zumba

700 calories burned


Rest (Not by choice. The hubby had a meeting out of town so I had the kids and couldn't get to Zumba.) 


Zumba (at home) 
Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
1 mile run
Leg machines ( leg press, leg extension, leg curl) x3 sets

705 calories burned


60 minutes of Zumba

668 calories burned

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I love my Zumba crew!!


Strength training
1 mile run
Arm machines x2

447 calories burned


60 minutes of Zumba

801 calories burned

* Calories burned calculated from my Polar heart rate monitor

Total calories burned:  3,754

    I worked really hard to eat well too. Since I am nursing I am not cutting any calories. I don't do diets. I eat if I am hungry. I am just trying to be sure I am using food to fuel my body. With nursing I want my baby girl to get the best nutrition possible. It is a win, win!

     I tried to pack each meal with protein and clean ingredients. I am also working to drink a lot of water, which isn't hard for me because I LOVE IT!

    Breakfasts were delicious! I found some great recipes on Pinterest to make sure that I don't get burned out by eating the same ole thing everyday. 


My breakfast options included: 

    - Oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar, and pecans
    - Egg whites with one slice of peanut butter whole wheat toast

    - Black bean breakfast burrito with salsa and Greek yogurt

    - Whole wheat English muffin with egg whites, cheese, and jam

   - Clean pancake made from quick oats, banana, and egg whites

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     - Tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread with prezels

     - Bean burrito with salsa and Greek yogurt

     - Leftovers from dinner

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     I was a little relaxed with our dinners. 

     - Baked chicken, brown rice, topped with baked fruit

     - Ground turkey with pasta and veggies

    - Leftovers

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I blogged a few weeks back about my juicer. I am crazy about it! I try to have a cup everyday and even my 2 year old asks me for, " Apple juice." He doesn't realize this apple juice (although he sees that it is green in color) is packed with not just apples, but pears, spinach, carrots, celery, and blueberries. He chugs it!! I am one proud mama. I am thankful to be able to offer my children healthy choices and want them to be good eaters.

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   So there is my week! I squeezed in 10 minute workouts when I wasn't able to get out of the house or when the kiddos were napping. I saw how quickly the calories can add up when you put in workouts here and there. I didn't lose any weight this week ( actually, the scale said I gained half a pound) which was a bit discouraging, but I have decided not to weigh myself regularly. I'll try to do it once a month, but I know that my weight isn't necessarily an indicator of progress. I can tell I am getting back into shape and eating well makes me feel better. I am a better mama when I am in shape and eating well. My kids and husband deserve the BEST me I can be. 

   I need to set goals for this next week but am not sure yet what those will be :) I will let you know! 

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