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Wednesday's Workout:

4.4 miles outdoor with friends  42:11

All bundled up and ready to run around town!

Keep Calm and Work Out (Tank)
Totally off subject, but I WANT this! FIND IT HERE!

I had two running dates with sweet friends yesterday that we ultimately combined into one. The first run was 2.3 miles and the second about 2.1 around town, something I am still not quite used to. I live in such a charming small town in Mississippi. The people here are FABULOUS! I have never met nicer people. Our house is a block from downtown so we LOVE walking to the bank, post office, or to grab a cup of coffee. It is awesome. I know I have mentioned several times before, maybe too many, that running outdoors has been a bit of a challenge for me since moving to a small town. I want to  have the freedom and confidence to just lace up my shoes and go, but I feel like that is tricky in a small town. It has been a challenge to really feel like I can do this though for a number of reasons. Maybe I am ridiculous, but I know that I am certainly uber cautious.

 Here are some challenges to outdoor running and a few tips I have.


I would say this is probably the most reoccurring challenge and definitely one that takes top priority. When running outdoors I would suggest wearing bright colors. Make yourself known to those in cars around you and keep a close eye on your surroundings. Don't assume cars will stop for you as you cross a crosswalk. Run in an area you are familiar with or with someone who is. It is never a bad idea to run with a buddy. Safety in numbers. Know your surroundings and what areas are safest to run in. I don't recommend running at night. That is just a personal preference.

Courtesy of Nike

Where To Run

I prefer the running/biking paths or a track because they are designated for such activities. If these aren't available to you map out a safe course in your area where there are sidewalks or roads where you don't expect an influx of traffic. There are lots of resources out there that can make this easier for you like Map My Run. I am also coveting these amazing Garmin watches that I see. You run and the GPS tracks your distance. Sounds amazing! The price tag, not so much. I'd love to try one out. Hey, Garmin! 

Here is an app example I found online from TEAM4ORCE. 

Go ahead. Laugh. I'm having a real crisis here with everyone and their dogs roaming freely around town. Just yesterday we turned to run down Spring Street and BAM! We were greeted by a German Shepherd and a Dalmatian. I was not about to run right past them. I turned right around and we found an alternate path. I am not a dog person. Sorry. I'm not into big, territorial dogs. The last thing I want to do is get all up in their space. Is there a way to ward off dogs while running? A big stick? Pepper spray? Can't we just keep our dogs fenced in? That would be helpful! Don't go call PETA on me. I don't mind friendly dogs, but being chased by dogs, no way. 

What challenges do you all face running outdoors? 

Comment and let me know! 

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