Posted by : RunnerBecky Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zip. Zilch. Nada. I didn't log any miles this week and it feels like it has been months since my last run. My toe, now foot, is becoming increasingly more painful and I fear the dreaded R word is what it is going to take to allow it to heal... REST. Is rest even possible? When am I NOT on my feet? Seriously!

I taught 3... yes... 3 Zumba classes yesterday (back to back to back at that!). I slept like a rock and felt like I had been hit by a train when I woke up this morning. I can do cardio like none other, but 3 hours of Zumba wore me out. I fear that as long as I am still teaching Zumba (ahem, 5 classes a week!) my foot isn't going to get better. I still have no idea what the actual diagnosis is and since I am not big on going to the doctor, I am going to play it off a bit longer. It has been 3 weeks now so I am becoming a bit more concerned.

The hubs pointed out that unless I get my foot feeling 100% again I can't even think about running a marathon. That makes me sad for sure, but it is true. Taking a few weeks off of running is probably what is best for me right now. Has anyone had a similar injury? I would love some feedback!

Oh! One more thing!

I snapped this picture the other day in our front yard. Apparently there are no leash laws here, which is one good reason why I am sticking to the treadmill. This dog is HUGE and he must live only a few houses down!

It reminds me of The Beast from The Sandlot....

No thank you!

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